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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Relationship between Father and son

In the horoscope, the Father and the Son have said that they should not be in one place. It does not seem to be true. The remuneration of the retirement money is all right for our family's medical expenses. Son id is leaving the job and looking normal work. Life without peace. Say something nice.

Your health, your health, your child's health, and the impact of your child's health is expressed in your letter. Asvini Nakshatri, Masharachi, your son born in Meena Lakhnat is being born in the sunshine Wednesday. In the eighth house of his horoscopes, the sun has suffered a lot of trouble over the past four years that he is unable to make the right decision in his life.

He is forced to make some other effort. Write down the state-of-the-scenes exams, especially the Group-4 exams. The moon will start at the age of 32 and bring it to the bright future. The details that you mentioned in your horoscope contradict the horoscope. The time you were born is not precisely specified. Horoscope can not be correctly predicted at random times.

However, with your child's horoscopes, it is clear that you still have to wait two years for a peaceful life. There is no truth in saying that the Father and the Son should not be in one place. In the present situation he's good to be with you. Please go with the family to the Auduthura Sunarana temple in any one Sunday evening to worship the anointing. Sit every morning in the sunset with your mate and sit in the sunset and meditate. The body will be better.

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